Engineering and Technical Services

Insight specializes in supporting surface assets and systems through the planning, build, sustainment and disposal phases of the acquisition lifecycle.  Our engineering and logistics technicians ensure fielded assets and systems are properly monitored, serviced and maintained to meet fleet-wide readiness requirements.


Insight is capable of providing a broad range of Engineering solutions to our customers through our highly trained and certified Professional Engineers. Our offerings span numerous technical disciplines including, but not limited to, Marine, Systems, Civil, and Environmental Engineering. Representing our most robust offering, our Naval Engineering expertise provides engineering design and development, depot level planning and execution, support for the procurement of repairs and equipment affecting hull, structural, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, piping systems, hydraulics, electrical distribution and control systems, propulsion systems, weight handling equipment and other shipboard mechanical and electrical systems. This includes Hull, Mechanical, & Electrical (HM&E) engineering, technical, logistical and project management support for planned and emergency repair and alteration of assets and associated equipment.  Additionally, Insight provides engineering guidance and support to assist with the development and promulgation of maintenance, repair, and configuration standards.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Insight supports Naval acquisition programs by reviewing, developing and preparing logistics products to assist with the effective delivery of newly acquired assets and systems into the field.  Insight has become an industry leader for providing logistics products in support of Maintenance Planning, Product & Technical Data, Supply Support (SS) and Provisioning, Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation (PHS&T), Design Interface, and Support & Test Equipment (S&TE), as well as providing systems engineering and integration, business process support, and decisions analysis. Within the configuration, maintenance, supply chain development and technical information management domains, Insight’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide full spectrum Logistics Engineering services for HM&E, Electronics (ELEX) and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems & Intelligence (C5I) systems. Through reviewing initial Provisioning Technical Data (PTD), conducting Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis, developing Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPCs), performing configuration management activities, provisioning of parts, and conducting spare parts analyses, Insight has supported the safe and effective delivery of numerous assets to the operators and maintainers in the field.

Test & Evaluation (T&E)

Insight provides Program Test and Evaluation (T&E) oversight and support for both major and non-major programs in the surface, land, and air assets, as well as C5ISR, cyber and logistics domains. Applying major systems acquisitions policies, Insight’s Test Engineers provides technical engineering support services that includes: requirements coordination, studies evaluation, test management planning/strategy/performance, test documentation, Development and Operational Testing coordination, requirements verification tracking, Integrated Product Team (IPT) support, test plan drafting/implementation, Test Contract Deliverable Requirements List (CDRL) review, test witness and participation, risk assessment and mitigation, test discrepancy resolution, and Verification Progress Report (VPR) development.

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems & Intelligence (C5I)

Insight supports the C5I community with acquisition, project management, logistical, engineering, and technical writing support, providing subject matter experts in electronic systems and spectrum management.  Our experience covers the entire lifecycle of electronic systems from concept to end-of-life including development and submittal of procurement packages, Performance Work Statements (PWS)/Statement of Work (SOW), independent government cost estimates, source selection/evaluation criteria, enterprise-wide requirement and project management; on-site technical, management, radio telecommunications, and engineering support; and disposition of sensitive equipment.  We have experience in command and control systems; and in mobile and point-to-point communication systems, military satellite programs, commercial satellite communication systems, and the electromagnetic compatibility between systems services.