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Insight specializes in supporting maritime assets and systems through the planning, build, sustainment and disposal phases of the acquisition lifecycle.  Our engineering and logistics technicians ensure fielded assets and systems are properly monitored, serviced and maintained to meet fleet-wide readiness requirements.

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Maritime Engineering Logistics

Insight meets the challenges of increasing maritime asset complexity through the delivery of a range of services and capabilities that ensure ships, ship systems, and small craft are appropriately planned, integrated, monitored, managed, and maintained to meet readiness requirements.

Our maritime engineering logistics capabilities span numerous technical disciplines, including naval architecture, marine engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, systems engineering, maintenance and reliability, and program management and support. Our hull, mechanical, and electrical (HM&E) and electronics (ELEX) experts deliver integrated logistics products and services that support maintenance planning, product and technical data, supply support and provisioning, reliability and maintainability, design interface, and testing. We also provide program management and support services to plan, develop, and repeatably execute logistics processes and systems to high levels of performance.

  • Acquisition support and management

  • Availability program management (APM)

  • Configuration Management

  • Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering

  • Systems Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering/Program Support

  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Engineering

  • Maintenance, Repair, and Configuration Standards

  • TCTO/Shipalt Engineering Support

  • Maintenance Planning and Development

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

  • Supply Support Provisioning

  • Initial Outfit Planning

  • NTNO Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  • NTNO Weapons Systems Engineering

  • Depot Repair Specification Development

  • Engineering Change Management

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Integrated Test and Evaluation

Insight provides integrated test and evaluation (T&E) management and support for major and non-major programs in the surface, land, air and C5ISR domains. In addition to our direct T&E support, our team of Test Engineers provides research and development (R&D) and management support services for developed and/or modified air, surface, C5ISR and logistics systems, programs and projects.

  • Requirements Development and Evaluation

  • Studies Evaluation

  • Test Plan Drafting/Implementation

  • Development and Operational Testing Coordination

  • Test Management Planning

  • Requirements Verification Tracking

  • Integrated Product Team (IPT) Support

  • On-site Test and Evaluation

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Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems & Intelligence (C5I)

Rapid advancements in technology have created immense challenges for fleet owners to effectively integrate command, control, communications, computers, combat, and intelligence (C5I) systems. These C5I systems are mission-critical, providing essential situational awareness, data processing, and information exchange that missions require and operators demand.

Insight supports the C5I community with acquisition, project management, logistics, engineering, and technical writing support, providing managers and subject matter experts in electronic systems and spectrum management. Within the communications domain, our experience spans concept to end-user radio spectrum management in mobile and point-to-point HF, VHF, and UHF communication systems; military satellite programs; commercial satellite systems; and the electromagnetic compatibility between systems. Insight is prepared to deliver the tools and resources to support the entire life cycle of electronic systems and their interoperability from concept to end-of-life, at the rapid pace needed in today’s operating environment.

  • Acquisition Support

  • C5I Systems Documentation Support

  • Lifecycle Cost Estimating

  • Specification Development

  • Spectrum Engineering

  • Frequency Planning Support

  • Cybersecurity

  • Electronics (ELEX) Technical Support

  • Engineering Change (EC) Development

  • Configuration Data and Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance Standards

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